Friday 23 September
To Sunday 2 October
'Solastalgia' - new works by Irene Godfrey, Mary Knight, Ana Mejia and Tracy Ward

The term 'solastalgia' is defined as "the homesickness you feel when you're still at home".
Intriguing? It certainly is... Etchings, paintings, drawings, textiles and ceramics on the theme of migration and belonging.


Saturday 24 September
Cinnamon Press Launch of 'Lockdown' by Jane McLaughlin

Launching the winning poetry collection by Jane McLaughlin, with Bernadette Reed and friends providing musical interludes.
7 for 7.30. Free, all welcome.

Friday 7 October
To Wednesday 19 October
Places of Pilgrimage

The Greenwich leg of a touring exhibition by Ian Scott Massie. Although now based in Yorkshire, Ian was born in Fulham and has known Greenwich all his life. His father was a chief engineer for London Transport who worked for some time at Greenwich Power Station.
Places of Pilgrimage comprises paintings and screenprints of special places (with an accompanying book). The artist’s starting point was to portray locations that draw people for reasons of spirituality, connections with art or literature or for purely personal resonance.
Some of these are traditional pilgrimage sites such as Durham and Canterbury, some of the places are connected with Ian’s personal heroes -- the landscapes from Paul Nash’s work, Stockport Viaduct which so fascinated L S Lowry - and there are also places like the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (where his parents first met during the war) or Greenwich with its personal, historical and symbolic character. Others are places that seem to have a magnetic hold over the visitor - like the stones of Avebury, the battlefield of Culloden and the tree where Robin Hood used to assemble his Merry Men.
Meet the artist over drinks and nibbles Sunday October 9. All welcome.
Ian Scott Massie's work is a pilgrimage to places with artistic interest - The Oxford Times
Review: Places of Pilgrimage, Masham Gallery - The Northern Echo

Tuesday 18 October
Dante's Divine Comedy with Graham Fawcett

The pilgrimage par excellence described and interpreted by Graham in his unique,erudite and illuminating style.
6.45 for 7pm start. £10 include drinks and a simple buffet.


Friday 21 October
To Monday 31 October
'We are all curious tourists': new work by Clare Johnson, Orson Kartt and Sue Westergaard

'They tell us that we are on a rock, once believed to be the centre of the universe, formed four and a half billion years ago spinning in space. We are all earth bound passengers in a universe that spans one hundred and fifty billion light years. We are all travelers and alongside every living thing on earth can trace our ancestry to a bacterium that lived billions of years ago. We have evolved and are evolving in a messy unpredictable way. We are curious beings.
We huddle together and form cultures, sub-cultures and cliques. We collect things to connect positively and emotionally with certain times, places and people. We collect to inspire us and enhance a pleasurable association, to generate an atmosphere, to create a legacy, a personal extension of who we are. Souvenirs, which help create and extend our sense of identity, a sense of being in our mixed up shook up speeding world . In short we surround ourselves with “stuff” to help us make sense of it all.'

Clare Johnson's artwork is inspired by the qualities found in old postcards and a fondness for overlooked industrial buildings
Sue Westergaard's work commemorates ersatz bespectacled 'heroes' as pull-out fanzine souvenirs commemorating a life time of shortsightedness and a recent cataract operation.
Orson Kartt repurposes scraps of culture to express the joys and confusions of life in the 21st century.

Such is the stuff that makes life more fun, more meaningful.

Friday 11 November
To Sunday 20 November
John Bangs, new works

John will be showing his latest works, mostly exquisite pastels of French landscapes and of places closer to home.
Meet the artist over drinks and nibbles Sunday November 13.

Thursday 24 November
Cinnamon Press Book Launch

Another exciting launch by this innovative independent publisher.
Introducing 'Turn/Return' - a sequence of 25 short poems by Cinnamon's founder Jan Fortune, created from interacting with Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's box of cards, 'Oblique Strategies';
and 'Baby' by Patricia Debney - a sequence of prose poems whose narrator asks (and answers) how it is that love survives even under the worst of circumstances.
Free event. Everyone welcome to come at 7 for a glass of wine and a look around. 7.30 start.

Wednesday 21 December
'Shortest Day'

A poetry event in partnership with Cherry Potts of Arachne Press. Celebrating winter solstice with readings at the gallery, followed by a jolly procession (with choir) to West Greenwich Library for an evening of song and storytelling. Then back again to the gallery to experience 'writing poetry in the dark'!
5-6.30: poetry reading
6.30-7: singing procession to West Greenwich Library
7-9.30: Solstice Shorts at West Greenwich Library
10-midnight: Writing in the Dark workshop at the gallery
More details will be posted nearer the time.

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