There is an enormous amount of talent in Greenwich and the surrounding areas. Visual artists, writers and makers work away, at times barely emerging from their workplaces and homes.
We want to be able to give exposure to all this talent, hence our multi-media approach to our exhibition space, linking images with the spoken and written word.



The front gallery has ample wall space and three lit lockable cabinets for jewellery, ceramics, glass, small sculptures etc. The rear HOTHOUSE gallery has uninterrupted wall space, two rows of light-boxes that double up as benches and a large TV screen for showing documentaries and images to support talks, discussions, readings etc. We are happy for the gallery to be used by local people and visitors for sitting, looking at beautiful things, chatting and resting away from the bustling streets.

The front window has digital and back-projected screens to display images and videos of the exhibitors and their making processes, plus information about community issues and initiatives.

Please suggest themes for exhibitions or meetings, names of artists and makers we may not yet have come across, or classes/groups/events to be held there.

Our ethos.
We do our best to run the gallery sustainably and to minimise waste.
We do not use new plastic bags. We endorse morsbags ( and can act as collection point for spare fabric and broken umbrellas for our local group of bag-makers.

The Hothouse
As well as being a major part of the exhibition space, it is ideal for small events, groups, workshops etc. It can sit up to about 30 people.
As the name suggests, THE HOTHOUSE is a place where ideas and issues of local interest can be aired and discussed.
The Hothouse is ideal for our periodic poetry events and informal get-togethers and events for local artists.

Made in Greenwich
Tel: 020 8293 9823

Opening hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 11am-5.30pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am-7pm