The 10 Best Places to Live in Greenwich CT

Greenwich is a town in south-eastern England. The settlement was founded by the Anglo-Saxons around the time of 1066. Today, it is thought to be one of the wealthiest towns in the whole country, ranking 22nd in UK for income per head.

The town is home to many people who work in London but live outside of the city. The commuters are attracted by the houses’ prices, which are lower than London’s, and its tranquil atmosphere.

Greenwich is a town in south-east London, England. It is located east of the Prime Meridian and west of Southend-on-Sea. The town is situated on the River Thames and its name derives from Old English “grene wyc” meaning “green settlement”.

What makes Greenwich unique?

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, which was built in 1675 by Sir Christopher Wren to solve longitude problems for ships at sea by accurately calculating their position from the stars. The observatory was closed by Charles II in 1676, but it reopened for public viewing in 1894 when a new telescope was installed.

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